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Whither ABL?

ABL just announced they have received new financing but will build no new factories. If they can move a rocket cross-country, can’t their customers also move their breadbox-sized satellites to the spaceports?

ABL never needed Saint Marys airport gym/hanger. As anticipated, ABL used Camden County for its own self-interest. And vice-versa. Had nothing to do with the building, or launching of rockets in Camden County.

“Additionally, ABL has entered into support agreements for launch operations at Vandenberg Air Force Base and Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. Leveraging the containerized, deployable, and self-sufficient features of GS0, ABL will be able to utilize the shared pads SLC-8 at Vandenberg and LC-46 at Cape Canaveral with minimal infrastructure buildout.” [Bankrupt Vector called the 'containerized, deployable, self-sufficient trailer a Transporter/Erector/Launcher (TEL) and Astra's fancy name is "Mobile Launch Pad" that ships to site with the rocket mounted in a container]

“To expedite development and production of the RS1 vehicle, ABL has leased additional propulsion test facilities at Mojave Air and Space Port; expanded into a 60,000 square foot multi-facility campus in El Segundo to support full-scale production of the RS1 vehicle;..."

ABL has launched nothing.

Or a plausible explanation of how Spaceport Camden will benefit taxpayers.

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