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Florida's Spaceport & Money

Florida is the Big Cheese of Spaceports. Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral brought Americans great thrills and most of the Space exploration's greatest achievement. With more than 20 retired launch pads, Florida is working to become the "national" space port and can do so almost instantly since most of the infrastructure is in place. The Florida Legislature has appropriated more than $100 million dollars to space business in the past 6 years alone. In 2015, both SpaceX and Blue Origin committed to use Kennedy launch pads and to build factories in Florida. This probably leaves fewer opportunities for Spaceport Camden for a long time to come.

More Spaceports for Florida

Florida is currently the only state that can boast a growing network of licensed, commercial spaceports – from Jacksonville to Kennedy Space Center.In addition to Cape Kennedy, Shiloh and Cecil Field, Space Florida continues to seek out locations across the state of Florida that will provide additional resources for commercial companies seeking Florida-based launch options.




Many States, with Florida leading the way, has extensive Space-specific incentives. Georgia is far behind in this arena.

Hidden Cost of NASA Space Missions: $1 Billion to Clean up Toxic Chemical Mess

NASA estimates it will take nearly a century and a billion dollars to clean up the viscous toxic goo that has seeped deep into the sandy soils beneath the launch pads and it may force it to cut down on funding for future space missions.


SOURCE: Kennedy Is A Toxic Hell

Troubled Waters

"Over the past three years, massive algae blooms have blocked light to the sea grasses, the foundation of the diverse ecosystem. More than 60 percent of its sea grasses — at least 47,000 acres — are gone. Scientists are looking into whether the algae blooms are a factor in the marine life deaths.


Between mapping surveys in 2009 and 2011, the lagoon system lost 33,699 acres of sea grass, Morris said. The greatest loss occurred in the Banana River Lagoon, between Merritt Island and Cape Canaveral.


"So far, water quality in Mosquito Lagoon, between New Smyrna Beach and Cape Canaveral, has not been listed as impaired. But Edgewater's Power said it's 'only a matter of time.'"


Although KSC and Cape Canaveral are not the primary cause of this catastrophe, they are the largest properties in the region and are known to have significant toxic chemical problems. The troubled waters here will take decades to recover and billions of dollars, if they can be rescued at all. The remediation cost, and loss to the citizens of the region cannot be calculated.


The lesson for Camden County should be "If you can't fix it, don't risk breaking it."

Even Cape Canaveral is Hoping for a Renaissance

Human launch, as ULA officials will tell you, may not yet pay the bills at Cape Canaveral. The good money today is made on Pentagon launches. But lofting astronauts is a source of pride and excitement, and Biegler is not immune to this. Besides, who knows what the future holds? 

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Does Georgia have a Space Authority with the ability to fund Spaceport Camden?


What are Georgia's Space-specific incentives? Is Georgia competitive with States that have been working at the space industry longer?


Blue Origin chose Kennedy over camden. What did Camden County offer Blue Origin to come here?


HB734 will exempt noise and other nuisances from any changes after one year of operation.  Since engine testing does not require FAA EIS approval, could Camden become an engine test center with daily engine firings like McGregor, Texas for launches at Cape Canaveral and Kennedy Space Center?


How many launches per year are possible at Cape Canaveral & KSC if they are fully utilized?


What is the predicted annual requirement for US space launches?



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