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Camden planning to borrow money to pay for the Spaceport. 

The concept of borrowing money to reimburse itself is a strong indication that the County cannot afford even the $6,-8,000,000 to pay for the Environmental Impact Study and property. And they've raised taxes on thousands of property owners beginning in November 2018.

This is What Camden Has Spent

A Bank would never lend money to a business that does not have a business plan for a new venture. But as of June 30, 2018, Camden County has spent more than
$5,000,000 tax dollars on the spaceport with no business plan. Every department of government has a strict budget that covers everything including how many postage stamps they expect to use. But for the spaceport, they have no budget. 

When a business plan and budget forecasts for the spaceport becomes available,
we will publish them on this site.

Camden's fiscal year ends on June 30 of the indicated year.

Camden County has grown by only 2,495 residents since 2010. Why did we hire a Deputy Administrator for $92,000 a year to help run the County when County Administrator Steve Howard is one of the highest paid in Georgia?



Where's the money coming from to pay for the spaceport?


How much more will this cost?


What is the expected return on this investment?


Why is there no Business Plan?


Why is there no Economic Impact Study?


Why is there no Spaceport Budget?


Are County employees' time included in the costs were paying?
If not, why not?


A.C., Woodbine asks:
What will be the cost for the Bayer Property?​

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