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Correction to Previous ABL Story

The earlier post about ABL Space requires a significant correction.

James Coughlin, JDA Director, advises:

"Effective December 31, 2019, ABL will discontinue its lease of the former St. Marys airport. They will continue to lease the hangar adjacent to the airport and their lease will be adjusted accordingly. "

ABL had apparently thought they could test rocket engines on the former Saint Marys Airport runway but now plans to test on the future spaceport site. Mr. Coughlin did not indicate when ABL Space would actually move into the rented building or hire Camden workers.

It is curious that the building is called a "hanger" since the only large door in the building was installed by the JDA after ABL leased the property. The new door is not large enough for manned aircraft.

The bottom line is that there is no indication how Camden County taxpayers will benefit from Spaceport Camden. Millions have already been invested by taxpayers but no space company as contributed a single dollar to its costs. ABL, a company without a rocket or a satellite, has not created a single job in Camden County. The risks of ownership of the Union Carbide property have not changed for the better. Meanwhile, Camden County assumes it can overcome the existing deficit of real space companies that can actually launch rockets.


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