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Vector: RIP.

Camden's Hope, Vector Launch, Shuts Its Doors

Vector Launch closed its three offices yesterday after losing funding from its major venture capital backer. What is known can be found in this story:

Vector's launch of an amateur rocket in Camden County two years ago was a PR Stunt then that's become more evident overtime as they broke promise after promise. They never made it past 5,000 feet, yet Steve Howard, Jimmy Starline and the rest were impressed enough to continue spending millions.

Spaceport Camden's justification has been built on a false foundation that there would be real rocket companies launching safe rockets from Spaceport Camden.

There is no demand or purpose for Spaceport Camden.

Camden Commissioners should stop spending money on the spaceport today. They should take the $1.5 million spaceport expense planned for FY 2020 out of the budget and rescind the proposed property tax increase accordingly.

Camden taxpayers have the right to know: "When did the spaceport proponents and insiders know that they had created a false expectation?" "How many millions have been wasted as part of that deception?"

"When are the County Commissioners going to admit they've made a mistake about the Spaceport?"

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