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Spaceport nedmaC

Spaceport Camden promoters recently posted a bizarre cartoon.


“nedmaC” is Camden spelled backward, just like in Superman’s Bizarro World where everything is the exact opposite of normal. Up is down, first is last, good is bad, wrong is right, logical is illogical, giving is taking, and insanity is sane in Bizarro Camden. It's a place where county commissioners know better than eagles where to build eagle nests, sea turtles benefit from contaminated beaches, spaceports produce jobs, "environmental gains" equal rocket explosions over maritime forests, and never-tested rockets are just as safe as experienced rockets.

Where else than in Bizarro Camden does spending $7,000,000 without a business plan equal a good “investment?” Where else than Bizarro Camden is a spaceport needed to stimulate students to study the sciences? Where else than Bizarro Camden does a guy who’s never built a spaceport or launched a rocket get paid a million dollars as a Subject Matter Expert on spaceports and spaceport licensing?

Where else than in Bizarro Camden are the “naysayers” proved right about errors, omissions, and falsehoods in the FAA’s Draft Environmental Impact Statement and the so-called “experts” have been proven wrong? In Bizarro Camden, a hired hand that's trusted to lead the Spaceport “Team” has tried multiple times, and failed, to find a job elsewhere yet is still trusted by commissioners. It’s only in Bizarro Camden that County Commissioners promote a spaceport to save their own jobs while raising property taxes to pay for it. Where else but Bizarro Camden is a spaceport worth whatever it costs?

And where else, other than in Bizarro Camden, do they need to pay a Public Relations storyteller $8,000 a month to promote a spaceport that’s supposedly wanted by everyone in the space industry?

Yes, there really is a Spaceport nedmaC World.

Spaceport Camden should be really ashamed to pay for such misleading spaceport promotions. And what is a spaceport "environmental gain?"

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