Suggestions to Help Camden County

Camden County is a great place to live, but we need new businesses to help carry the tax burden. You can help the County by making suggestions to this page about how
Camden can attract high paying industrial, distibution and manufacturing jobs, plus new residents who will help
Camden grow. Since Camden County is already a desirable place to live and work, we can pick and choose between
safe and clean businesses, and those that pollute,
are dangerous, or are unreliable.
Put on your thinking caps and we'll post the best ideas.  Your good suggestions will be sent directly to County officials. 

Here's My Help Camden Idea:

IDEA: Promote Camden County as a Great Place to Retire

WHY: Great Climate, Low Costs of Living, Great Quality of Life

PLAN: Last year, 63,665 cars and trucks passed through Camden County everyday on I-95. Many are people from frigid northern climates. Camden should target people tired of high property taxes, high state taxes on retirement income, high housing costs, and harsh winters to retire in our great County. Wouldn't billboards like this look great on I-95?

IDEA: Spend the Spaceport Money Smarter

Fortune 500 Companies are Great for Camden

A Great Idea from HM, St. Marys

Have a competition awarding a $5,000,000 Cash Incentive and ownership of a lot in the Camden Industrial Park for the best Fortune 500 Company plan to add an immediate 250 industrial jobs. This would open the door for 100 times as many companies as the Spaceport might have, would open for business faster, would have a proven product, and would likely be able to produce more jobs faster than Spaceport Camden. The Cash Incentive would be in addition to all other incentives available from the State of Georgia. Great companies are found in Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Food Processing, IT, Electronics, Medical Equipment, and many more. If we are lucky, Camden could pick a company that would be low polluting, not disturb neighbors, hire locally, require little additional infrastructure, and have a predictable future. Advertise the Contest in big city newspapers for national exposure.


The $5,000,000 is probably significantly less than 1/2 of what Camden County will end up spending on the Spaceport.

IDEA: Leverage the University of Georgia AG Schools

WHY: Demand for Ag Graduates Rises Nationwide / Camden is AG Capable

(see linked article)


PLAN: Develop interest in Professional Jobs in Agriculture and the Food Industry by working with the University of Georgia to develop programs in Camden County High School and to our Coastal Pines Technical College and the College of Coastal Georgia campus for persons needing retraining that will prepare them for well-paying Professional careers in Agriculture, Agri-Business, Ag Science, Ag Engineering, and the Food Industry. We already have several resident experts who can advise how to get started. Maybe the UGA Cooperative Extension Office in Woodbine could be our point of contact with the University of Georgia. There are thousands of companies in these fields that are always looking to expand and relocate so Camden should promote our low costs of doing business and proximity to transportation, and our commitment to growing our own Professional AG talent who graduate from Bulldog U. 

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