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Grand Jury Wants To See The Documents

Under normal circumstances, the unanimous Georgia Supreme Court decision in February against the Camden County Board of Commissioners would be enough to shake some sense into them. The Justices of the Georgia Supreme Court backed the overwhelming 72% vote by voters last March to stop spaceport spending. The decision was not based on whether the issue was the funding of a spaceport or the funding of an ice cream stand. The Supreme Court, in no uncertain terms, told our commissioners that the Georgia Constitution and voters' voice were supreme and that the Special Election was legal..

For three years now, a majority of the commissioners, led now by the experience-challenged Chairman Ben Casey, have denied the voters access to how they’ve spent taxpayers' $12 million dollars. They have defied the Georgia Open Records Act so, it has become necessary for the Camden County Grand Jury to step forward to demand the records the commissioners insist on hiding from citizens.

Here’s the subpoena issued on Wednesday to the five commissioners, County Administrator Shawn Boatwright, and County Attorney John Myers. It demands the requested documents be provided no later than Monday, March 13, 2023:

Download PDF • 294KB


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