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Public Safety Endangered by FAA

Dear FAA,

I’ve attached the latest Coast Guard Local Notice to Mariners LNM (08-20) which was published 02/27/2020 for the ASTRA launch from Kodiak. It contains the same illogical Exclusion Zone error that I have previously noted to you. About 1,900 square miles of the Exclusion Zone are not under the trajectory path unless the ASTRA rocket is capable of making two 90-degree turns in midflight.

The DARPA rocket trajectory is represented by the WHITE line.

LNM 07-20 and 08-20 both describe the Exclusion Zone represented by the YELLOW Outline.

AK Aerospace acknowledges that the correct Exclusion Zone is the RED zone.

Beginning almost immediately downrange from the launch pad, the scheduled Astra DARPA rocket will travel for more than 190 miles outside of the Exclusion Zone.

It is unbelievable that the FAA and Alaska Aerospace have ignored this admitted safety hazard. This situation raises serious concerns about the FAA’s competency and commitment to public safety.

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