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Devastating Truth For Spaceport Camden

The information that just appeared in the linked WABE NPR story is devastating to the promoters of Spaceport Camden:

Note the headline: FOR YEARS!

Now there’s public proof that Camden has known FOR YEARS that they can’t launch rockets over Little Cumberland Island and Cumberland Island National Seashore.

It's really even worse. The FAA was advised in the December 2015 Scoping Hearing and Comments of the facts that were ignored as millions were spent (documents posted on the FAA project webpage: Doc 1, Doc 2, Doc 3.) The Draft EIS Hearing was even more specific. What’s in the NPR story is just the tip of the iceberg. There’s much, much more to come. The next challenge will be to find out how these problems were addressed with, or hidden from, the Camden County Commissioners and taxpayers.

The FAA seems to be unable to say "NO" when "NO" is the only possible answer. Going forward, every dollar spent by the Camden County Commissioners to pursue a license, or spent by the FAA processing Camden's absurd claims about "Authorized Persons" and keyhole trajectories for fictional rockets, is an abuse of taxpayers.

Taxpayers are not against the space program. But we know an inappropriate site when we see it. There's plenty of information at

Too bad we can’t get our $8 million back from the “experts.”

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