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Did Camden Pay-For-Play

Did Spaceport Camden/ Camden County ("Camden") pay to be listed in the Strategic U.S. 50 Projects List?

Is the listing of Spaceport Camden a part of a package deal with consulting firm CG/LA Infrastructure?

Camden is in full denial, but if you check the conference sponsor's internet store page, spots on their lists are for sale.

Which "PARTNERSHIP do you think Camden bought?


If Camden paid, how did they pay?

  • Did Camden Pay CG/LA directly?

  • Did one of Camden's consultant's, lawyers, or PR firms pay CG/LA on behalf of Camden?

If Camden paid to play, why did Jimmy Starline deny it?

  • Is it possible Starline didn't know that we paid to play?

  • Do any of the Commissioners know that we paid to play?

  • If they don't know that we paid to play, why not?

If Camden paid to play, will they admit it?

  • Did we buy a Partnership or other package?

  • If so, how much did we pay to play?

  • If so, was Camden's payment made by conference sponsor Venable, LLP who happens to be Camden's Washington lawyer as well, and will be included in a billing from the attorney.

  • Will Camden openly and completely respond to our Georgia Open Records Act request?

Taxpayers should know what we're paying for Spaceport Stunts. It's our money we entrust to them.

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