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Georgia Tech Did Not Launch From Spaceport Camden

I wish I had attended Georgia Tech after graduating from Atlanta’s Grady High School in 1966. I might have gone on to be a rocket scientist and engineer like members of the team that just launched an experimental rocket in Camden County. Their roll control device looks promising. It's a great design and engineering achievement to have accomplished while in college. I'm sure they'll be successful where ever their careers take them.

But make no mistake about it, the Georgia Tech rocketeers did not launch from the proposed Spaceport Camden. The rocket test was actually conducted on the Bayer property that is not part of Camden’s Spaceport Site Operator’s License application to the FAA. The rocket was not launched from the Union Carbide property that is the subject of the Environmental Impact Statement that's been paused since October, 2018 and that Camden County officials have spent $6.5 million pursuing for almost four years.

Click the Red Rocket to get the whole story:

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