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Vector Now Trolling In Canada

Ever feel like your date had a date before they went out with you, and a date after you, too?

Vector Space, a tiny start-up rocket company in Tuscon, Az. is very well traveled, visiting Alaska, Kennedy Space Center, then Camden County, and now Nova Scotia looking for places to launch the rocket they hope to have some day. Currently testing small rockets at the Friends of Amateur Rocketry test range in the Mojave Desert, Vector has promised to launch a test soon from somewhere in Camden County.

Camden County officials are counting on small rocket launches to justify Spaceport Camden since SpaceX and Blue Origin will use traditional sites like Kennedy Space Center and their own, private spaceports in Texas. Vector's last rocket test video was only 8 seconds long. It appears the rocket achieved about 0.007% of the altitude needed for orbit. Did the rocket explode? Or crash?

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