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Mojave. Best Private/Public Spaceport?

The only non-Federally funded spaceport with more than a handful of employees is at Mojave(CA) Air and Space Port, located about 100 miles north of Los Angeles in the California desert. Mojave is a former military training airport that today primarily serves as an airliner refurbish/refit/repair facility. An airplane 'graveyard' is maintained there. With a permanent population of only about 4,200 in Mojave, many workers commute from 30 or more miles away. But several emergent private spaceflight companies have located there due to the airport's proximity to Edwards Air Force Base and because its remote desert location is safer for test flights.

The NewSpace companies located at Mojave represent a small concentration of manufacturers that Camden officials have identified as a model for the companies that Camden officials hope to attract. However, Scaled Composites, The Spaceship Company and StratoLaunch are all focused on horizontal launch space planes that could not use Spaceport Camden which will launch only vertical rockets. Masten Aerospace, in business since 2004, with 25 employees, is the only vertical rocket company at Mojave.

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