Our purpose is to help our officials keep their
heads out of the clouds while they look to the stars.


If Camden County decides to reach for the stars, it should be a decision based on facts. "Build it and they will come" might work for baseball but it is not a good business plan. The operation of a Spaceport on the Union Carbide site raises issues that go far beyond the risk of the previous operations there where thousands of acres were so contaminated that no one can ever be allowed to live on it or to even spend the night there.


Facts about the financial, safety and environmental impacts of spaceports on communities in the US and around the world raise questions about plans for Spaceport Camden. We explore issues that need to be examined and present facts that provide a more complete, public picture of the spaceport project. We provide historical and scientific references with links to source information that back up statements and trust than all contributors will do so as well. We are seeking a clearer understanding of the promised financial benefits and job potential as well as the financial and environmental risks.

We have often heard government officials state that their opponents are "not entitled to their own facts", implying that their opponents offer misleading information. If we get some things wrong, keep in mind that citizens are not responsible for promoting, developing or figuring out how to pay for Spaceport Camden. But we'll correct information if it is wrong. We do not present ourselves as experts in spaceport development, but certainly, the results of promises made at other spaceports should be instructive about the potential for Spaceport Camden.


If the plan to develop a Spaceport in Camden County is environmentally safe and good business for its citizens we will support the decision to build it. If the facts present a different story, we should know that as soon as possible.