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  • District 1 Lannie Brant

  • District 2 Chuck Clark

  • District 3 James H. Starline

  • District 4 Gary Blount

  • District 5 Ben Casey

Mail for All Commissioners: P.O. Box 99  Woodbine, GA 31569  

Phone for All Commissioners: 912-729-7475

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Our own experience is that we were at first excited about the idea of Spaceport Camden. Wow! We could watch rocket launches just like they do at Cape Canaveral! We appreciated the enthusiasm from the political and development communities and from our friends, but we have heard this type of boosterism before and knew that we had to know more hard Facts. When we starting looking deeper into what Spaceport Camden would cost and what impacts it could have on our lives, we realized that we're not hearing the whole story. This website is an efficient and low-cost way of spreading the word about these Facts. Your neighbors and friends most likely have not heard or thought very much about the things you will learn on The best decisions about the Spaceport will be made when many citizens have the Facts, have their questions accurately answered, and communicate with the County Commissioners. You play an important part in spreading the word. 

Submit your own questions is a place to obtain Factual information about the spaceport, to see questions that others have asked and to ask your own questions to help you understand the spaceport project. Your questions and comments are important to this process. It may take some time, but we will try to incorporate related facts and your questions into the site. You will find submission points on many pages that can extend the discussion of that page's topic. Submit every question you might have and come back often to see how all of our questions are being Factually answered.

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