April 16, 2020

 Spaceport Financial Documents

None of the five US orbital rocket spaceports generates enough private investment or revenue to support its operations. Space industry professionals have noted that startup space companies are mostly unable to obtain long-term financing and investments resulting in several recent marque bankruptcies.

The documents linked in this story prove that the real weakness of the commercial space launch ind...

April 8, 2020

No! Coronavirus didn't come from Space, but it's getting the blame for space industry failures.

Camden politicians expect us to continue taking their word for the value and potential of our so-called "investment" in the spaceport. We’re supposed to believe that pumping more money into the still-secretive Union Carbide contract will somehow create a new space-based industry where none currently exists.

Steve Howard and Jimmy Sta...

April 3, 2020

Wherever the Camden Commissioners are getting their advice, it must be a different place than the rest of the space industry. Almost 5-years into the project, they realized that SpaceX had chosen Texas way back in 2013. And they now know that in 2014, Space Florida canceled the Shiloh Spaceport project because there wasn’t enough demand for launch pads. And two years ago, Space Florida and the Air Force figured out a way to a...

March 28, 2020

Camden keeps teasing that they have great space companies ready to sign a deal. In a multi-thousand-word story on March 12, Steve Howard told the Tribune & Georgian, “I can tell you we sat here in a conference room in Camden County three weeks ago. I had an aerospace company in here with me, and they were ready to sign.” But they didn’t.

Remember ABL Space?

The Tribune & Georgian might have asked Howard about the month-old news...

March 9, 2020

As public interest increases for the March 20 Spaceport Debate, many individuals have asked if they will be able to ask questions. The answer is “Yes.”

Due to the limited time on Friday evening, please send your questions to spaceportdebate@gmail.com so the moderator can cover as many topics about spaceport costs and expenses as possible.

The central question for the Spaceport Debate is:
“Should Camden Taxpayers Spend $1 More o...

February 29, 2020

SpaceX learns by blowing things up. In the 4th major event in less than a year, SpaceX suffered another explosive failed test at Boca Chica on Friday night.

Link to the Full Video and story:


This is not what County Commissioners promised us when they courted SpaceX to come to Camden County instead of building their spaceport beachside in Texas. SpaceX was c...

February 28, 2020

Dear FAA,

I’ve attached the latest Coast Guard Local Notice to Mariners LNM (08-20) which was published 02/27/2020 for the ASTRA launch from Kodiak. It contains the same illogical Exclusion Zone error that I have previously noted to you. About 1,900 square miles of the Exclusion Zone are not under the trajectory path unless the ASTRA rocket is capable of making two 90-degree turns in midflight.

The DARPA rocket trajectory is re...

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