August 28, 2019

SpaceX just completed the previously delayed and aborted Starhopper test at their Boca Chica text site. Although the test ignited a few grass fires, Boca Chica residents and their homes are safe. The issue is not whether SpaceX or any launch company can eventually get it right. The question is how much financial and safety risk must the public absorb on behalf of a commercial rocket launch company and the promise of a few job...

August 26, 2019

Today, just after 4PM, SpaceX will conduct another test of Starhopper at Boca Chica. The police hand-delivered the following notice on Saturday to residents of Boca Chica, a small residential community 2 miles behind the spaceport:

If you think that Spaceport Camden promoters have been telling us the truth, you need to read this story:

August 10, 2019

Camden's Hope, Vector Launch, Shuts Its Doors

Vector Launch closed its three offices yesterday after losing funding from its major venture capital backer. What is known can be found in this story:

Vector's launch of an amateur rocket in Camden County two years ago was a PR Stunt then that's become more evident overtime as they broke promise after promi...

August 9, 2019

Two years ago this week, Vector Launch claimed to have launched an amateur rocket from “Spaceport Camden.” In reality and for some unannounced reason, they launched from the Bayer property --- not the Union Carbide site we’ve paid millions to option. Spaceport Camden is not the Bayer property. From the looks of the launch site, not much infrastructure was needed.

The Camden launch was a FAA-classified amateur rocket, reached o...

August 7, 2019

We have a few questions for General Dickman about his Letters supporting Spaceport Camden to the Editors of the Florida Times-Union (" Spaceport Camden launch would be safe and quick") and last week’s the Tribune and Georgian ("Camden Could Offer Sweet Spot For Small Launches".)

General Dickman omitted that he’s a member of the Spaceport Camden Steering Committee. So though he is certainly an expert, are his opinions unbiased?...

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October 2, 2019

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