June 29, 2019

Small rocket launcher Exos Aerospace had its third rocket failure out of three attempts last Saturday.

Watch the Launch failure video:

 Click for 5 minute Video

Launch event Timeline:
+0:40 Launch T-0

+0:47 The rocket spins out of control at T+5 seconds into flight. At T+7 seconds the rocket momentarily appears to be flying parallel to the ground.

+1:16 Camera has lost sight of the rocket. He is looking the wrong way vs. the perso...

June 19, 2019

NASA has announced they are moving ahead with plans to build Launch Complex 48 at Kennedy Space Center. LC-48 will obsolete anything Steve Howard has remaining of his ever-shrinking Spaceport Camden. As spaceport opponents easily predicted, our entire $7,000,000 will be wasted.

Before the end of 2019, Kennedy will add the first of two new pads capable of 52 to 104 annual launches. The NASA pads are “being made available to wha...

June 4, 2019

A document has surfaced in a public records request proving that Spaceport Camden facilitators and the FAA worked in concert in 2016 to avoid public disclosure of hazardous sites in the Draft Environmental Impact Statement.

Camden and the FAA knew in 2016 that the Bayer property has hazardous environmental sites.

“Baer [sic] will not give FAA specific info on what kind of contaminants/hazards are present – but defined several ‘...

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